Saturday, May 11, 2013

What 3 items should be in your purse 24/7?

Like most girls, I have a ton of stuff in my bag. The contents change from time to time but there are 3 items that should always be there.

must have in my bag, bitsandtreats

First is my old and tatty card case. All my membership cards are here and as a shopaholic, I need them wherever I go. You never know when I might need a card.

Next is my money case. I don’t own any wallets. I prefer pencil cases or this silicone case from Hyphen.

Lastly, my makeup kit. If my kit can’t fit in my purse, I still need to have a few pieces of makeup to put somewhere in my purse.

They all fit nicely in my Elizabeth Arden purse:

elizabeth arden purse, bitsandtreats

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