Thursday, May 16, 2013

This week I’m obsessed with…

guerlain meteorites, estee lauder electric coral, etude house miss tangerine, bitsandtreats

Guerlain Meteorites, Etude House Miss Tangerine and Estee Lauder Electric Coral

I keep forgetting to use my Miss Tangerine lippy probably because it’s grouped together with my lip glosses. I finally remembered and put it in my makeup kit. I thought I’m nearing “pan” on this one but I twisted out the product and there is still a ton left! So I guess this will be my official lippy until the end of May.

Next is my Guerlain Meteorites which I have no idea why I buried in my train case for so long! My husband and I are re-doing our rooms (plural because he made an extension) and because of that, I was forced to check out my makeup collection. I’m totally obsessed with this and it will probably be my favorite highlighter until the year ends. Well, maybe.

Lastly, the Estee Lauder Electric Coral lip gloss. I super love this gloss. It smells great and it’s the perfect topper to my Miss Tangerine lipstick. It mutes down the shocking orange shade of the lipstick.

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