Friday, May 24, 2013

My Tried and Tested Stay-All-Day Products

Thank God it’s Friday! I look forward to Fridays even though my husband and I both have work on Saturdays. Maybe it’s a leftover euphoric feeling from back when I still worked in the corporate world. Or maybe I’m just excited to have my husband all to myself the following day. Whatever it is, Friday is one of the best days ever!

For you other ladies out there, Friday is a time to kick back and relax after work. You meet with your girlfriends or boyfriend and spend a relaxing Friday night. Now if you are going from work to party, I suggest you use stay-all-day products. I love applying makeup but I’m a bit lazy when it comes to touch ups so I always invest in long-lasting products. Here are my tried and tested ones.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

When my skin is behaving, this product really stays on all day. Usually, I only have to apply powder on my T-zone and that’s it. This is an expensive BB cream that is totally worth the price.

bobbi brown bb cream, by bitsandtreats

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
My magic potion to make both cheap and high-end eyeshadows stick. If you like buying drugstore eyeshadows, invest in a good primer.

too faced shadow insurance, bitsandtreats

Urban Decay Eyeshadows
Nothing beats the staying power of Urban Decay shadows. Even if you use a cheap primer, you can be assured that they will stay all day.

ud naked2, bitsandtreats

Urban Decay Eye Liners
These also stay all day. I have tried countless eye liners that are smudgeproof, waterproof and budgeproof but this one takes the cake. It is tied with my Kiss Me Liquid Liner but liquid liners usually have stronger staying power than pencils.

urban decay eye liners, bitsandtreats

kiss me liquid liner, bitsandtreats

Kiss Me Mascara and Fairy Drops

These are the best mascaras I’ve ever tried. They don’t give me raccoon eyes even at the end of a hectic, stressful and sometimes sweaty day.

fairy drops and heroine make mascaras, bitsandtreats

Chanel, Bobbi Brown and NARS lipsticks

These products don’t stay all day but they sure last a long time on my lips even after eating and drinking.

bobbi brown, nars and chanel lipsticks, bitsandtreats

If you lead a hectic life, I suggest you invest in products that make you look fresh and feel beautiful all day (and night).

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