Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Favorite MAC products

I only have a few MAC products mainly because I get turned off by their sales people. Most of them are snubs and the are generally not nice. I have only encountered very few nice makeup artists and sales attendants at MAC and sad to say, they have all left the brand.

One of my mentors was from MAC but she left the brand and when she did, I kinda lost interest in it as well. Another problem with MAC is that they only have very few stocks here. Most new collections sell out by Day 1. I’m not too crazy about MAC to go to their boutique at opening time just to be able to buy a few pieces. Also, even if I do that, their sales people will tell me that all their stocks are reserved already. So there is no point for me to wait for the new collections. I buy most of my MAC products abroad where the sales attendants and makeup artists are nice and very accommodating; where the stocks are abundant and where I can just relax and take my time shopping.

Among the products that I have, here are my favorites:

mac fix plus, bitsandtreats

First is MAC Fix+. I used to hate this product because it gave me allergies. My face would look like it was bitten by mosquitoes or ants. I stopped using this for a while but then I discovered one way to use it so that it does not give me hives. I apply my primer, foundation and concealer first then I spray Fix+ onto a brush then dab the brush all over my face. I do this to reduce the appearance of dry skin. I let it dry then set it with loose powder or sun powder (during summer).

mac russian red, bitsandtreats

Next is Russian Red. I seldom use it because I reserve it for special occasions and “blah” days but this is my favorite red lipstick.

mac girl boy, bitsandtreats

This is Girl Boy and it’s the perfect brow shaper if you have colored hair. I already hit pan with this but there is still some teeny tiny amount of product on the sides and on the wand that is why I’m still hanging on to this tube. Besides, I can’t go out to buy a replacement yet. Also, my hair has all grown out and it’s back to black. It will take some time before I can have it colored again so now I’m using my Bobbi Brown brow shaper which is closer to my present hair color. I will probably never buy another brow shaper brand again because of Girl Boy plus this was recommended by my mentor so I’m quite loyal to it.

mac eyeshadow palette, bitsandtreats

My MAC Palette which I haven’t filled up yet because, well, I don’t buy singles here. I buy them abroad. I will probably bring this with me the next time I travel so that I can show it to the resident makeup artist and ask for recommendations.

mac chez chez lame, bitsandtreats

Finally, my favorite highlighter, Chez Chez Lame. I tend to save my favorite cosmetics. I don’t know why I do that because I can easily replace them. I think it has something to do with them being so special. I rarely use this, only on special occasions. Hmmm.. I think I should use this more often. I think this is a limited edition product. I had a very hard time buying this as the SA first told me that they were sold out. Then he paused for a while then asked his colleague if he should give me the last one on reserve. The other SA asked if his client would come back for it. He said that she was late and has not heard from her so he decided to just give it to me. All that drama…

Anyway, for all you MAC fanatics out there, what other MAC products can you recommend? I’ll be sure to check them out next time I travel.

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