Monday, May 6, 2013

My 5 Must-Have Brushes

I have a lot of brushes that I use everyday and for makeup gigs but if I were to choose just 5, here are my must-haves.

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First is my Sigma E70 or Medium Angled Shading Brush. I use this for contouring eye shadow and of course, applying eye shadow at an angle in my outer V. I also use this for contouring my nose. It’s a very versatile brush.

Next is my Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow brush. This is one of my favorite brushes as it picks up the right amount of eye shadow every time and it glides on smoothly on my lids.

I cannot live without my Bobbi Brown Eye Brow brush. I use powder eye shadow to fix my brows and this is the best brush I’ve used so far. I will be devastated if I lose this or when this breaks. I don’t think I can buy it individually.

Next is my Bobbi Brown Foundation brush. I was actually thinking twice if I should include this in my must-have list but I thought about it and yeah, it should be there. In the absence of sponges, this is a good substitute. I use this to apply primer and I can use this with all my foundations and BB creams. I wouldn’t have to worry about uneven application with this brush.

Finally, my ELF Powder Brush. This is another versatile brush as I can use it for blush, bronzer and highlighter. I can use this for contouring and blending. This is the old brush that has a crack in the handle. So far it’s holding up. I already have a backup of this just in case the crack gives way. It’s a cheap brush that can keep up with the big brands.

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